After Dinner Cocktails & Dessert Wines


After Dinner Cocktails

Espresso Martini
Double Espresso, Kraken Black, Smirnoff Red, Kahlua, Home Made Maple Cinnamon Syrup, Chocolate Straw       

Hot Tub  
Mount Gay XO, Grand Marnier, Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla, Cinamon Smoke                 

Cappuccino Martini
Armargnac, Home infused vanilla & Raisin Rum, Khalua, Espresso, Home made Citrus Foam, Baileys    

Brandy Alexander
Camusvs, Creme de Cocoa, Baileys cream, Nutmeg  

Dessert Wines


401 - Muscat Beanes De Venise - Domaine Durban 2012 - France
This estate bottled exhibits orange marmalade & Apricot Liqueur characteristics in its honeyed perfumed personality
Bottle (375ml) £27
Glass (50ml) £3.85

402 - Kracher Beerenauslese 'Cuvee' 2012 - Austria
Bright Yellow with Silver Reflections. Pronounced honeyed notes over attractive aromas of ripe stone fruit, subtle spices and mineral character
Bottle (375ml) £46
Glass (50ml) £6.75

403 Berry’s Brothers Selected Sauternes 2012 – France
It displays hints of honeysuckle, peaches & the cracked caramel on top of a creme brulee
Bottle (375ml) £35
Glass (50ml) £4.95

404 Black Muscat 2014 – California
Made from black Muscat, there is incredible finesse & pure, delicate rose & lychee aromas to go with its full body
Bottle (375ml) £28
​​​​​​​Glass (50ml) £3.85

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