Gin Base

Gin Bliss
Bombay/Cointreau/Lime/Sugar/Egg White/Cranberry Juice

Rhubarb Delice
Home Infused Rhubarb Gin/Rhubarb Vanilla Syrup/Lime/Sugar/Homemade Citrus Foam

Big Pink
Tanqueray/Aperol/St Germain/Grapefruit/Lemon Juice

Lady in Red
Bombay/Amaretto/Lemon/Fresh Raspberry/Rose Water/Vanilla

Singapore Sling
Gordons/Cointreau/Pineapple/Maraschino/Cherry Brandy/Grenadine

Somerville Home Oaked Negroni
Aged in Cask Barrel Monkey 47/Antica Formula Campari/Angostura

Gin Mojito
Tanqueray/Lemon/Lemongrass/Brown Sugar Apple Juice/Mint

Sloe Sour
Monkey 47 Sloe/Egg White/Lemon/Guinettes Cherries/Vanilla

Safron Aperol Spritz
Home Infused Safron & Pink Peppercorn Gin , Aperol/Sugar/Homemade Citrus Foam

Rum base

Somerville Punch
Mount Gay XO/Pineapple/Orange/Lemon/Angostura/Grenadine

Havana 3 Year Old/Lime/Mint/Brown Sugar/Soda

Rum Sour
El Dorado 12/Lemon/Egg White/Sugar

Caribbean Punch
Home Infused Raisin & Vanilla Rum/ Lime/Homemade Maple Cinnamon Syrup/Angostura/Soda/Smoking Cinnamon

Rum Old Fashion
Pyrat XO/Cointreau/Brown Sugar/ Orange & Old Fashion Bitters/Bourbon/Cigar smoke

Mai Tai
Smirnoff Red/Lime/Almond Syrup/Orange Curacao/ Full Proof White Rum/Santa Teresa/Passion Fruit

Venezuelan Mule
Santa Teresa/Ginger/Ginger Beer/Lime Juice/ Ginger Wine/Vanilla

Vodka base

Passion Fruit Martini
Smirnoff/Passoa/Vanilla Syrup/Passion Fruit Puree/Champagne Chambord Foam

Goose Old Fashion
Grey Goose/Cointreau/Sugar/Perchard’s Bitter

Moscow Mule
Smirnoff Blue/Raw Ginger/Vanilla/Ginger Wine/Lime/Ginger Beer

Cosmo di Italia
Home Infused Citrus Vodka/Orange Jam/Limoncello/Lime/Cranberry Juice

Rose Cosmo
Home Infused Citrus Vodka/Rose Water/Lanique/Lime/Sugar/Cranberry Juice

Snow White
Smirnoff Red/Kwaifeh Lychee/Lemon/Lychee Juice/Apple/Vanilla/Grenadine

Roast Pineapple Moscow Mule
Smirnoff Red/Brown Sugar/Roast Pineapple/Mint/Lime/Pineapple Juice/Vanilla

Apple Tart Spritz
Home Infused Apple Cinnamon Vodka/Sugar/ Apple Juice Soda/Caramelized Apple

Very Sexy Martini
Home Infused Citrus Vodka/Raspberries/Mint/Sugar/Topped up with Champagne

Whisky Bourbon Base

Mint Julip
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon/Mint/Sugar

Old Fashion
Maker’s Mark/Cointreau/Brown Sugar/ Bitters/Bourbon/Cigar Smoke

Monkey Punch
Monkey Shoulder/Strawberry Jam/Lemon/Egg White/Vanilla

Spiced Pear Sour
Spiced Pear Puree/Bulleit Rye/Egg White, Lemon/Angostura/Sugar       £10

Complex Cocktails

Mulberry Margarita
Home Infused Chili Tequila/Mulberry Jam, Lime/Cointreau/Agave Syrup        £10

Mulberry Fizz
Bombay/Pimm’s/Lemon/Vanilla/Mint, Mulberry Jam/Elderflower Tonic        £10

Centenaro Old Fashion
Centenaro Tequila 3y/Amaretto/Cointreau, Celery Bitters/Angostura/Agave Syrup         £12

Tequila Traditional/Lime/Lavender Vodka Rinse/Egg White/Green Chartreuse/Agave Syrup       £10

Tequila Mojito
Tequila/Mint/Grapefruit/Agave/Grapefruit Juice

If there is a specific cocktail you would like, please do not hesitate to ask. If we have got the ingredients, it will be out pleasure!



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