A taste of luxury in Jersey …

It’s your holiday, so you deserve to treat yourself to all those luxury moments that make your visit to Jersey special…

Take a trip into St Helier where you’ll find some great shopping. You can enjoy Jersey shopping tax-free and there is plenty of great designer shops in Jersey as well as two large department stores.


The Petit Train is a fun way to get there in the summer months. This small train takes you from St Aubin’s right into town.

The Liberty Wharf shopping centre is an impressive example of architecture; it has been converted into shops and has retained its old charm with cobbled stone walkways and original beams. Here you’ll find some big names such as Marks and Spencer, Costa and George as well as small local boutiques such as Rocco, which sells quirky and fun local crafts, and Eclectic boutique, which sells one off fashion pieces. Lucas farm shop is here too and is a great place to stop and get a delicious smoothie or fresh juice made with local produce.

No shopping experience would be the same without the big brand names. Jersey’s department stores are home to the world’s famous names: Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Karen Miller, LK Bennet and Mulberry, to name a few. Voisins and De Gruchy occupy St Helier’s landmark buildings, you can’t miss them as you walk down King Street. Both stores have made significant investments the result of which is a fantastic shopping experience for visitors and locals.


Take Conway Street and head into the heart of St Helier. The Post Office is on Broad Street as well as small eateries such as Vinifera and . Around the southern end of King Street is Charing Cross. Here you can’t miss a column of granite on top of which sits a large metal toad or ‘crapaud’ which has come to be the symbol and nickname of Jerseymen. The marshes and sand dunes which were the natural features of this area was a prime habitat for the little toads which today are declining in numbers.

The Charing Cross area has a lot to offer. There are many small restaurants and this area; La Teverne is an institution and a must go for this most delicious of international food. Drop into the St Helier Parish Hall. Visitors are welcome to go inside and find more information about the Island’s capital, St Helier.


Jewellery Shops in Jersey

Jersey was once full of jewellery shops. Today there aren’t as many, however, the quality remains the same. Visit local family jeweller Hettich for a stunning array of designer watches; an ideal place for buying a Rolex in Jersey. Plus, visit Aurum where you’ll be delighted by the bespoke creations on offer. Stott and Willgrass is located near the town hall, this family-run jeweller sells a large selection of Breitling timepieces. One of the most iconic buildings in town is Rivoli Jewellers, known of course for its fine array of jewellery and watches but perhaps more famous for the clock above the building, worth seeing for yourself!

You can take a trip out to the Windmill in St Mary where you will find a collection of bespoke jewellery created by Catherine Best. She has a shop in the prestigious area of Mayfair in London, we are fortunate to have such an extensive collection here in Jersey.


Markets in Jersey

Towards the top end of town are two local markets. The Central Market is a lively combination of colours. Fruit and veg stalls mixed with florists and local cafes make for a wonderful vibrant experience of local life. Here you’ll find some of the best florists in Jersey. The fishpond is a favourite for children who want to throw and coin in and make a wish!

The Beresford Street Market or as it is affectionately known, the ‘Fish market’ is an incredible source of seafood and game. Dunn Ross and Faulkner Fisheries display their daily catch. Local chefs are in foodie heaven here. Local lobster and crab, mussels and fish from other waters are displayed beautifully. It’s easy to see why the markets are an integral part of Jersey’s heritage and a source of pride for many Islanders. The local markets have served the community for over 200 years.

One such chef, you may see in the market is Michelin chef Callum Graham. You can taste his dishes at Bohemia Restaurant, located in St Helier on Green Street. Bohemia is open for lunch and dinner and is a must Michelin Star dining experience.


Jersey Oysters

One of the world’s most luxurious foods is, of course, the oyster. This well-known aphrodisiac is cultivated in ideal conditions on Jersey’s South East coast.

The Rock or Pacific Oysters are enjoyed with lemon juice, vinegar, or Tabasco. They are also delicious lightly grilled, fried or baked.

The Jersey Oyster Co is the largest oyster growing operation in the British Isles. Chris Le Masurier, a third-generation oyster farmer and his team exports over 1,000 tons of oysters a year with 80% being exported to France. The produce is purified in tanks and packed at a purpose-built plant in Grouville.

If you want to learn more about the oyster industry and sea foraging in Jersey you can take a guided tour among the oyster and mussel beds in the Royal Bay of Grouville. Find out more details from Visit Jersey.


Tastes of the Land

Another luxury food is the world famous Jersey Royal potato, which dates back over 130 years. Chefs and foodies all around the world seek to complement their dishes with this delicious new potato which is abundant during the Jersey Royals season. There are a number of Jersey Royals recipes, If you want to know how to cook Jersey Royals simply, then just boil them in water and add a generous knob of Jersey butter with a sprinkling of Jersey sea salt!

Seaweed and wild vegetable foraging is popular with many locals and visits. Chefs often use these luxury interesting ingredients in their cooking. Like seaweed in sushi, miso soups and desserts. You can take a coastal walk to discover the sources of these natural foods.

You can explore the Island on foot, by road on a bike or even by horse but for a bit more comfort and luxury why not rent a convertible Bentley, available from selected car hire firms. Cruising the Island with the roof down in the summer months gives you a sense of freedom!