Stay in luxury on your island holiday

Thinking of a short 48-hour getaway over the weekend, or a longer 5-night stay in luxury for your island break? There’s plenty to keep you occupied and pining for more, no matter the length of your stay. Jersey boasts the best of all holiday perks from the bustling city centre of St Helier, to the golden sands of the south and west coast to the pebble beaches and coves of the north and east. Check out some of these authentic local experiences that Jersey has to offer for your ideal getaway from east to west, north to south, and all 9 by 5 miles in between.

Day 1

Lap up the Luxury

If a life in luxury is what you’re looking to escape to then look no further. Take your pick from one of the following luxurious ways to spend your first day of your island break.

island holidays Shop Till You Drop

Jersey boasts a fine, upscale shopping experience in St Helier where you can enjoy VAT-free shopping from high end jewellers like Hettich and Aurum and designer shops. Don’t miss out on the variety of fine dining experiences at restaurants like No.10 and Bohemia that will tantalise your taste buds and provide you with a gastronomic experience you’ll not soon forget.

island getaways Romantic Adventure

If you’re looking to push the boat out on a romantic getaway with your partner then charter a yacht for the day with Royal China Charters where you can explore Channel Islands’ waters in a 48ft yacht that includes a jet ski, paddle boards, snorkelling equipment and more. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Then charter a RIB with Jersey Seafaris and have your own private bbq on one of Jersey’s sand banks, the Minquiers, inclusive of paddle board and stunning, romantic scenery.

best island holidays Wine O'Clock

Or why not pair your island break with a taste of the local vino that will commemorate your romantic getaway in a bottle. Book a visit to La Mare Wine Estate and enjoy a guided tour around the vineyards and orchards, as well as a visit to the distillery and chocolate making kitchen. You can experience a wine tasting while you’re here and enjoy a drink or a meal amongst the stunning vineyards, soaking up the sun and the fresh air.

luxury island holidays Local Delights

Indulge yourself with a taste of luxury right at your own doorstep in some excellent value Champagnes before a romantic dinner at the Somerville’s Tides restaurant with the lights of St Aubin’s harbour twinkling below you, or spend an afternoon savouring one of our must have afternoon teas while watching the tide come and go in the bay – rightly the best ranked restaurant and bar in Jersey.

Day 2

Adventure Awaits

Make the most of your island escape by exploring Jersey’s coastline with its massive tidal range, one of the largest in the world. On your second day take your pick from one of the following adrenaline fuelled activities.

island escape Paddle Out

You can rent a kayak with Jersey Kayak Adventures and follow a guide along the island’s picturesque coastline with sweeping cliff faces, caves and coves.

seafaris boat at Les Ecrehous Tour The Sea

Looking for something less exhausting? Then explore the coast by RIB boat with Jersey Seafaris and experience all the delights the sea has to offer from seal colonies bathing in the sun on reefs to pods of playful dolphins swimming alongside the boat. You can also catch a south coast tour from Albert Pier in St Helier. These fully narrated tours bring the island’s rich and varied history to life, from prehistoric cave settlements around Noirmont Point to the 16th century Elizabeth Castle. Seeing Jersey from the sea brings you a whole new perspective of the island.

island getaways Hang Ten

Alternatively, you can try something new like a surf lesson in the sun soaked west coast of St Ouen’s Bay. Go for a swim, give surfing a try, and end the day dining at the Cafe Bar at the Golden Sands watching the sun set below the horizon.

island holidays Jump On In

Or for the more adventurous you can give coasteering a go along some of our more secluded north coast beaches like Greve de Lecq. Book a tour with Jersey Adventures and they’ll show you all the fun, safe places to jump off some cliffs, dive in the octopus pool and discover the secret beach unreachable by land around the headland.

Gorey castle Fuel Your Adrenaline

Some more wild activities you can wet your whistle on include abseiling down historic buildings like Mont Orgueil Castle, rock climbing up some of Jersey’s sheer, granite rock cliff faces, and depending on the wind and tides you can give blo-karting a try along St Ouen’s bay.

Day 3

Explore Our Heritage

Jersey has a long story steeped in history spanning from the neolithic era, and new finds like the celtic coin hoard are constantly reshaping our understanding of Jersey and its position throughout time. So, if you’re a history buff and love a good story then you’ll not be disappointed in what Jersey has to offer. Take your pick from one of these historical adventures to undertake on your third day in Jersey.

island holidays Cultural Tastes

Wander around Jersey Museum & Art Gallery and experience the history unfolding before you.

family overlooking the castle Explore Our Castles

Take your time exploring Elizabeth Castle in St Helier, strategically positioned on an islet cut off at high tide. You can walk across the bay and up the ancient causeway to tour the castle or take the petit train across the bay and enjoy a short tour and grab an amphibious duck boat across to the castle.

St Aubins fort at high tide Historical Forts

Alternatively, there is St Aubin’s fort situated in the bay just in front of the Somerville which can also be accessed at low tide, but there are no amphibious duck boats here so mind the tide and don’t get stranded.

Discover Our Story

A visit to the Somerville hotel will see you staying in a location steeped in its own 140 year history that complements the island’s story throughout time. This history spans French nobles and wealthy socialites through to the Occupation. Dine in the envious Voyager cocktail bar and see the story of the establishment unfold before you through its architecture and decor.

Bunkers at Noirmont point A Fortified Island

Jersey’s more recent story in history tells the experiences of islanders during the Occupation, which is apparent in the plethora of bunkers and fortified towers that line the coastline. A number of bunkers located around the island, including at Noirmont Point which is a short 20-30 minute walk from the Somerville, have been renovated and are sometimes open to the public for viewing. Hear the stories from the islanders who experienced the occupation at Jersey War Tunnels, a museum that takes you to the heart of the bunker network and highlights these first hand accounts of life during wartime Jersey. You’ll find a piece of Jersey’s history everywhere you go and it all tells a unique story if you know where to look.

Day 4

Find Your Freedom

Of all the things that Jersey can offer you for your weekend break, or your summer holiday, it’s the feeling of a true island escape that resonates the most. Find your freedom in the sea air that surrounds you and the thrill of exploring the rugged coastline on your own two feet. On your fourth day take your pick from one of these freeing experiences.

couple walking along wooded lane Stretch Your Legs

From your stay at the Somerville you can easily walk along the south coast over the headlands at Portelet and Ouaisne, or up the cycle track that takes you to the sand dunes in the west, or across St Aubin’s Bay towards St Helier. If you time your venture just right you can walk across the beach at low tide and wander up Elizabeth castle from the causeway or St Aubin’s fort.

Take your time wandering back along these beaches and pop in for a pint at some iconic, local pubs like The Smugglers nestled in Ouaisne bay. Or explore Portelet bay – a small, sandy bay that rewards the brave for making their way down the steep set of stairs. Don’t worry if your legs are too tired for the whole return journey, just hop on any of the buses returning to town as they all bypass St Aubin on their way. For only a few pounds you’ll find yourself back in the small fisherman’s village in no time and sauntering along the bulwarks looking for a place to rest your feet and enjoy the harbour in all its glory.

empty road Explore by Bus

In addition to the island’s well connected bus route there are a number of bus tours and coaches that can show you all that Jersey has to offer. Feel free to sit back, relax and explore the island from the comfort of your cozy coach seat. From historical tours guided by the island’s only accredited battlefield guide, Marc Yates, to popular landmarks and icons, you can’t go wrong with an island bus tour.

people cycling Two Wheels are Better Than Four

Alternatively, feel the wind in your hair and rent a bike to cycle along the many cycle-friendly designated green lanes and cycle routes spread throughout the island. From May to  October, you can even rent an e-bike direct from the hotel via Evie or from one of their many bike ranks dotted around Jersey. The island’s main cycle route No1 passes through St Aubin’s village and is less than 200 metres from the hotel. With a dedicated cycle path east towards St Helier in one direction or west all the way to La Corbiere. See where you can get on two wheels from the beautiful scenery in Waterworks valley, up the cycle track to La Corbiere lighthouse and stop for some real Jersey Dairy ice cream, or cycle towards town and stop off in Havre des Pas to enjoy a refreshing swim in the Victorian tidal pool and Lido there, and finish the day with an authentic Thai dinner at local favourite Thai Dicq Shack located on Le Dicq slipway around the corner from the Lido. Cycle back along the avenue and enjoy the sweeping views of sunset over the bay as you make your way back.

Click here to rent an e-bike

There really is no better place to spend your summer holiday than on an island break surrounded by idyllic sandy beaches, rugged coastline, and centuries of history just waiting to be explored.