St Aubin's... A Unique Location

St Aubin's is an area steeped in history

The Somerville is one of Jersey’s most iconic buildings and is easily recognised as part of the landscape of St Aubin’s harbour. It is steeped in history. In fact, it was a base used by the German occupying forces during the Occupation of the Channel Islands. Old cigarette packets and other items were found when the hotel was recently refurbished.

Wander down Mont de Boulevard, a charming cobbled street and you’ll begin to feel the heritage and history of St Aubin. Old merchant houses line the Bulwarks and the cobbled High Street, reminding us that St Aubin’s, now a popular yachting harbour, was, back in the 16th Century, at the centre of Jersey’s commercial life. Merchants and fishermen would return to Jersey from Newfoundland with their treasures. By 1582 hundreds of men were sailing back across the Atlantic to St Aubin’s village, bringing back cargoes of Newfoundland Cod.

St Aubin’s Fort, visible from the hotel, was built in the bay as a fortress during the English Civil War and extended during the eighteenth century. It can be accessed on foot at low tide. Guest’s are advised to check the conditions before venturing out because Jersey’s high tides, 30-40ft are some of the biggest in the world. These tides are particularly highlighted when you look out across St Aubin’s bay. During a very high tide, the boats in the harbour are elevated and at low tide, the water retreats to reveal a huge expanse of sandy beach.

Eating In St Aubin's

Some of the best restaurants in Jersey

There are many things to do in St Aubin and of course, eating is high up on the pleasure list. You’ll find a high concentration of some of the best restaurants in Jersey. Seafood creations are high on the menu with most restaurants offering a catch of the day. There’s also an Indian restaurant which will, of course, serve their own variation of local fish.