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Signature Curiosity Cocktails

Signature Curiosity Cocktails

Inspired by the infamous Mr. J.W. Chapman’s epicurean exploits & exploration of the world, this cocktail list aims to take you on a libatory voyage of epic proportions from St Helier to Timbuktu.

Revel in our delightful concoctions, built around this fabled if not almost certainly made up trip around the globe, lovingly prepared by Gavin and the team in Voyager.

Follow his travels with joy but take caution, for to travel the full length of 12 ports of this excursion is not for the faint hearted mariner, and may lead you into troubles seas!

£10.50 each

Classic Cocktails

£10.50 each

A classic mix of Vodka with Fresh Lime, Triple Sec & Cranberry, Served Straight up.

Legendary aperitif cocktail consisting of Gin seasoned with Campari bitters and Sweet Vermouth.

Martini Cocktail
Your choice of gin or vodka with dry vermouth garnished with a twist, olive or served as a Gibson.

French 75
The perfect blend of champagne, gin and freshly pressed lemon juice with a touch of gomme.

Pisco, Vodka, Gin, Amaretto or Whiskey shaken with gomme, citrus juice and egg white. *Please note we use fresh, unpasteurized eggs in our sours, we are happy to make your sour without egg.

Old Fashioned
The very definition of cocktail, Bourbon whiskey, sugar and bitters, served on the rocks.

Corpse Reviver no2
“Warning – Five of these in quick succession will revive the corpse again” Gin, freshly pressed lemon, lillet blanc, Cointreau and absinthe shaken and served straight up.

Bacardi Carta Blanca, shaken hard with lime juice and gomme, served straight up.

Blanco tequila, with lime and Cointreau, garnished with salt.

What the martini is to gin, the Manhattan is to American whisky. Made with either Bourbon or Rye, served sweet, dry or perfect and garnished accordingly.

Southside Royale
The Mojito’s significantly better half – Gin muddled with Lime juice, gomme and fresh mint topped up with Crémant de Bourgogne, served in a flute.

Bloody Mary/Red Snapper
Best served the morning after the night before, vodka or gin with tomato juice seasoned with celery seed, green tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and citrus.

Champagnes & Crémant
by the Coupe (125ml)

Berry Brothers Crémant de Limoux

Pol Roger Brut N.V.

Forget-Brimont, Rosé, Premier Cru

We also have a full drinks and wine list available in the bar.