Signature Voyager Cocktails

Based on the international epicurean exploits of the voyage of Mr J.W. Chapman – Original builder and founder of the Somerville Hotel from 1881-1934 

Please note…some (or all) of this voyage may well be (and most probably definitely is) factually fictitious!

£14.00 each

Day 1 – The Somerville Garden

“I sat in my garden contemplating my voyage, mind brimming with excitement for the adventures ahead. The fragrant summer air was thick with the rich smell of our home-grown herbs… and I found myself struck by an unquenchable thirst! To bolster my spirits, I asked the bar team to fix me up my favourite tipple – Champagne splashed with a dash of my delightful home-infused rosemary gin balanced a “soupcon” of simple syrup…simply perfect”

Day 3 – Penicillin

“Before departing for the continent, I joined my compatriots to stock up on provisions and iron out the final details of our voyage. I dare say the excitement got the better of us, and through thorough culinary indulgence we found ourselves in need of re-invigoration. The barkeep had just what the doctor ordered, and prescribed a cocktail named ‘penicillin’ in homage to a new discovery from a Scottish chap named Fleming – he delicately balanced Scotch whiskey, lemon juice & honey with a dash of Laphroig for a thoroughly delightful tipple! After several, vigour reinstated, we set sail!”

Day 24 – The Last Peak

“We travelled south towards Grenoble to soak in fresh mountain air before our voyage through the straits of Gibraltar and around the cape. The endless ranges proved challenging, and we soon found ourselves in urgent need of fortitude. Driven by promise of mountain taverns, our spirits were lifted when beyond the last peak, our prayers were answered. The taverness welcomed us with a local alpine tonic – Gin, Green Chartreuse and cherry liqueur livened nicely by a dash of lime juice – our faith and fortitude was restored and “The Last Peak” was born.”

Day 67 – Happy cape

“Our voyage along the west coast of Africa had been long, thirsty and above all very dry. To our horror we had boarded a libation-free ship and we soon blasted through our personal contraband and were therefore forced to endure the “enuie” of sobriety on the seas. How happy we were when finally upon the arriving in Cape Town we spied a bar mere meters from the ships passerelle. The local chap was extremely affable and recognising our thirst, quicky delivered one of the most refreshing beverages we had ever had – he shook coconut infused rum, with vodka, pineapple juice and pomegranate – this certainly was a “Happy cape”.”

Day 102 – Jungle Bird

“Finally we were in the jungles of Borneo for a spot of twitching. We had heard stories of thick vegetation but had never imagined the heat! What relief it was to arrive at our camp and be welcomed by such a cornucopia of tropical birds and a rapscallious local concoction of rum, pineapple juice & fresh lime. When shaken with a good measure of Campari, this drew the keen attention of a flock of “Buceros rhinoceros” birds with the most incredible plumage! I had to call it… “Jungle Bird”.

Day 137 – Pacific sling

“After such a long time at sea, trekking through wild jungles and living in most unhospitable conditions, it was a relief to be cradled by civilisation once again. Our land legs had not yet returned, so we decided it best to head to the nearest bar so see if the local delicacies would help balance our ballast! The alchemist behind the bar had just the ticket and suggested the local Japanese melon liqueur shaken with vodka and the famously vibrant apple juice of the area. After several, we were no less wobbly, but also no longer cared, so promptly decided to stock up on the same liqueur so we could have this “Pacific Sling” back home!”

Day 185 – Virginia Fields

“We had never seen such expansive fields of strawberries as met us on this day. Much like everything in the states, the plump juicy berries were far larger than back home. Our local guide was quick to demonstrate their juiciness, by shaking the strawberries vigorously with vodka, lime and sugar syrup before serving them over crushed ice with a dash of “good ol’ ginger ale” – an unmissably delicious and refreshingly quaffable beverage!”

Day 200 – A Return to Jersey

“Our journey had been long, eventful and above all informative, rewarding and inebriating. Through all my epicurean exploits, however, there had been an un-scratchable itch of home and my beloved bar above the harbour where my friends, family and team would surely be. I had given one instruction upon my departure – that upon my return there be a glass atop my polished cherry bar, replete with Jersey apple brandy, a dash of amaretto and a glint of Grand Marnier to welcome me home. Pure bliss!”

Please note…some (or all) of this voyage may well be (and most probably definitely is) factually fictitious!

Classic Cocktails

£12.00 each

A refreshing tipple made from Gordon’s Gin, lemon juice & simple syrup, shaken with fresh blackberries and served over crushed ice.

An ideal pre-meal livener or post-meal reviver. Vodka, fresh espresso, Kahlua and simple syrup are shaken over ice, served straight up.

A time-honoured and well-loved classic. Bourbon, simple syrup and Angostura bitters stirred vigorously over ice, served over balled ice and finished with orange peel.

Needs no introduction! Blanco Tequila shaken with lime and Cointreau, garnished with a salt rim.

Legendary aperitif cocktail consisting of Gin seasoned with Campari bitters and Sweet Vermouth.

Classic mix of Vodka with fresh lime, Triple Sec & cranberry, served straight up.

Pisco, Vodka, Gin, Amaretto or Whiskey shaken with gomme, citrus juice and egg white.
*please note we use fresh, unpasteurized eggs in our sours, we are happy to make your sour without egg.

Not to be mistaken by its phonetically correct martial art name, light & dark rum, Amaretto, lime served short over cubed ice.

Mocktails – £6.50 each

Pineapple juice, Orgeat syrup & fresh lemon juice shaken over ice for a tantalisingly tropical tipple

Fresh limes muddled over brown sugar served with home-grown Somerville mint, topped with soda water

Refreshing home-brewed iced tea, make with English breakfast tea infused with lemon, strawberry, raspberry & mint

The perfect summer drink! Elderflower cordial mixed with apple juice, mixed berries & a dash of soda.

Champagnes & Crémant by the Coupe (125ml)




We also have a full drinks and wine list available in the bar.